non-commercial electronic music in different styles.

dark, strange, funny, sad.

my name is micha.

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Nine Inch Nails, Boys Noize, LFO, Soulwax, Art Of Noise, Simian (Mobile Disco), Front 242, Jon Hopkins, Archive, James Holden, Recoil, Fujiya & Miyagi, Depeche Mode, Grasscut, Röyksopp, Mr. Oizo, Throbbing Gristle, Plaid, Clark, Primal Scream, Moderat/Apparat/Modeselektor, Robag Wruhme, OMD, Radiohead, We Have Band, The Chemical Brothers, GusGus, Beck, Nathan Fake, Throwing Snow, Matthew Herbert, Barker, Phillip Boa, Underworld, Autechre, Jackson and his Computerband, Nosaj Thing, The Field, Archive, How To Destroy Angels, Blancmange, Der Plan, Human League, Nick Cave, XTC, The Beta Band, King Bisquit Time, The Flying Lizards, Elbow, Andy Stott, Crash Course In Science, Peter Licht, Mr. Bungle/Tomahawk, Tocotronic.

New Songs 2022

emhead - This Is

This is an awakening, an admission, an adjustment, your decision. This is a possibility, a condition, another violence, your decision. This is a control room, a double vision, another leadership, your decision. This is a one-man-show, power division, divided by one, your decision. This is an undertaking, no opposition, an assurance, your decision. This is an execution, annihilation, volitional wipeout, your decision.

emhead - This Is (Instrumental)

emhead - Gleichklang (voxless)

emhead - Electrique

Experimental electro song. Improvised vocals by reading and singing the french information sheet of a battery pack.

emhead - Electrique (Sekundärzelle)

How To Destroy Angels - The Space In Between (emhead Remix)

remixed by emhead - without commercial interests. I only love the original song and needed an alternative one. I used free samples of a remix website of NIN and added a lot of stuff. Beats and basslines and the bell melodies for example.

I hope Trent likes it. :-)

emhead - The Snake

Style: soundtrack. a dark song. it describes the end of the world.

in a manner of speaking the real future.

have fun.

emhead - Old-fashioned Songs (New Version)

emhead - Old-fashioned Songs (Noys Boize Remix)

emhead - Movemeout

A gimmick with reverse-sounds. Some vocals of an old emhead-song in reverse sound like "move me out". Or something else?

emhead - Yipp

emhead - Europa

emhead - Potzblitz und Donnerwetter

The voice is from a piano-learning-tape. A woman is emotionally speaking out the song titles of this tape. I inserted the words (samples) into the emhead-elektro-song by using timestreching and pitchshifting.

emhead - Something I Can Never Have (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

Originally a ballad from Nine Inch Nails' Album "Pretty Hate Machine written by Trent Reznor. This cover version contains drums and tekk-ellectro-stuff with vocals by emhead.

emhead - Star Trek Theme

Star Trek goes Techno. It's the OLD Star Trek Theme. The very old.

emhead - Speak & Spell

More than 50 titles of Depeche Mode songs are the lyrics of this. Yes, I like DM. More than 30 remixes are available. Menue... DOWNLOAD

emhead - Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen (Tocotronic Cover)

emhead - Bodily Fluids

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